I have created many trainings for healers, seekers, coaches, therapists, and other practitioners. Here is a list of what is currently or soon to be available:

God’s Parts: Internal Family Systems & the Path of Awakening. IFS helps people heal the wounded parts of themselves by introducing those parts to their divine core. But what if you had not just an internal system but were yourself a part in an eternal system? What if you were one of Source’s parts? If that were so, you could reorganize your whole system. 

Coaching with Spirit: Co-Creating Healing and Awakening. This 10-month online program is a professional training accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). At the end of this training, participants are qualified to apply for a professional credential from the ICF.

Coaching with IFS: Using Internal Family Systems to Co-Create Healing and Awakening. This course is for coaches, therapists, counselors, spiritual directors, clergy, and other practitioners in the healing arts. If you work one-on-one with clients, if you are interested in your own healing and awakening so that you can facilitate healing` and awakening in others, this course might be for you. This program is a 10-month online immersion in the life-changing power of IFS. The International Coaching Federation offers 40 CCE’s for this program. READ MORE HERE>>

Parts Work: Internal Family Systems for Coaches and Other Practitioners. This is a yearlong training in IFS, one of the most powerful models of human transformation ever developed. You will learn the fundamentals of IFS, then how to progress to intermediate and advanced levels. We meet weekly for 90 minutes. Classes alternate weekly between teaching new material and witnessing live, full-length demos with participants. This program is offered through Leadership That Works India.

Coaching for Self Leadership: An Introduction to Internal Family Systems. This six-week training was offered through the IFS Institute and introduced practitioners to the fundamentals of Internal Family Systems. The original course had over 1,000 participants.

Courses on IFS Created on Demand. I have created courses for various chapters of the International Coaching Federation. If you want me to create a course for your organization, email me using the contact form below.

Classes on Coaching. I have created many classes on coaching for various organizations, covering coaching fundamentals, accessing and coaching from your enlightened core, working confidently with emotions, using the wisdom of the body, engaging with past lives and guides, and other topics.

If you want a course designed for you, email me using form below.  






Guthrie Sayen, PhD, PCC

Certified Coach and Trainer of Coaches



West Hartford, Connecticut, USA